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  • About Divination Divine

    The hours of the conference are:
    Wednesday, Sept. 16 – Friday Sept. 18: 5pm-8pm
    Saturday, Sept. 19 – Sunday, Sept. 20: 10am-5pm
    (schedule may be subject to change)

    Who is this conference for?
    This is a conference for Tarot lovers, collectors, psychics, intuitives, teachers, students, writers, soul seekers, counselors, creative types, beginners, professionals.  Curious? 

    How does it work?
    Register online to get your Tarot Key or ticket that will unlock the online portal to all the information you will need to enjoy the conference.  Here you will find your virtual conference schedule complete with Zoom links, access to book our readers online at special conference rates, the suggested book list, Printable resource handouts and the link to our secret Facebook group for attendees only!

    Host a conference party for your friends and family!
    Sharing is caring!  We may not be able to gather in-person as a large group YET but you can host a small party at your home for your close friends or family.  It’s a great way to get together and share this amazing experience.  Your gathering will be able to participate in workshops together and share the experience of having a Tarot Reading online.  There’s no better way to get talking and learn something new about yourself or your guests.

    Mission Statement
    Our goal is to provide an online platform for Tarot lovers to unite and join together in light, love and harmony to promote Tarot as an art form and an intuitive/psychic tool.  We strive to be inclusive of all belief systems that work towards the greatest good of humanity and to create a supportive virtual environment where learners and teachers can thrive.  Together we grow.

    About the Organizer

    Andrea Zonnis is a psychic, singer/songwriter, touring musician and events planner based out of Victoria, BC.  Tarot has been a passion and obsession for Andrea since her 20’s.  When she first discovered the cards, there was an instant connection as cards spoke to her acting as a doorway to intuitive knowledge.  Andrea has made it her life mission to spread love through sharing her passions with the world and to live freely and peacefully.  She is the organizer of the Intuitive Arts Festival which has ran consecutively in Victoria for the last 12 years. Read about the Intuitive Arts Festival here!

    Andrea offers psychic readings! Read more about her services here!

    Andrea is also a touring musician! Learn about her musical duo here!