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    Our Tarot Team is a collective of individual Tarot professional businesses that are here to teach, guide and inspire you on your journey! One-on-one private distance sessions are available at the special conference rate of $30/15minutes and $50/30minutes. Save up to 40% off of these reader’s regular rates. Easily book your private sessions directly with each reader using their personal online booking calendar found within the members only area.

    Cassidy the Cardslinger

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    Teresa Klan

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    Jane Jackson

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    Andrea Zonnis

    Andrea Zonnis

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    Alison Spokes

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    David Zunker

    David Zunker

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    Alison Spokes is a professional Tarot reader and digital fantasy artist here in Victoria, BC.

    She picked up her first Tarot deck at age 12 and has been reading for herself, friends and clients for over 25 years. At age 17, Alison took on the challenging project of designing her own Greek Mythology Tarot deck as part of a self-directed art course in Secondary School.

    She got her first professional gig in 2003 reading for clients on weekends in a metaphysical shop. In 2015, Alison opened her own Tarot practice where she reads for clients both online and in person. She has been teaching Tarot and cartomancy for 2 years and hosts a local Tarot study group on the Saanich Peninsula.

    She also launched a unique and nerdy Tarot service that travels to comic-cons around Western Canada bridging the gap between geeks and gurus through her clever mix of pop-culture and Tarot.

    David Zunker is a lifelong mystic practicing meditation at 15, astrology at 17, and Tarot at 23.

    He brings decades of experience as a professional psychic consultant to your reading. David’s spiritual journey has brought him through suburban Catholicism into an involvement with Tarot, Qabalistic Ceremonial Magic, Hermetics, and Wicca to where he identifies as a Goddess Primary Pagan Priest.

    All the while he developed his 35 year career in Community Services and been a devoted family-man. David brings a practical perspective as well as his awareness of what lies beyond the veil of our 3D material plane to your reading.

    Cassidy the Cardslinger is a professional tarot reader and passionate cardslinger based in Victoria, BC.

    Her personal practice with Tarot began years ago when she wandered into a small shop in Florence, Italy and found her very first deck, The Soprafino Tarot by Il Meneghello. From that moment on, she became an avid student of the tarot, eventually studying with the House of White Academy of Divination where she received her professional certification and where she is now actively involved as a moderator.

    Cassidy now runs her own Tarot practice where she reads both in person for local clients and online for clients around the world. Her multi-layered and analytical reading style offers insight and clarity to all aspects of life and provides practical and empowering guidance for personal development.

    Teresa Klan has been having spontaneous, non-local experiences her entire life. 

    Starting from the high chair onwards, many unusual things have happened that defied conventional explanation.  Those events, which continue to happen, set Teresa’s feet firmly upon an openly spiritual path – seeking understanding of those events, the worlds she finds herself in, and who she is in spiritual truth.  

    There was much to overcome: unhelpful beliefs, challenging memories, self-sabotage, traumas etc.  So it was only natural for her to be drawn to the healing arts and physical and non-physical realities. 

    You may recognize her as a vendor at local events with tables laden with dozens of oracle cards (and more) for sale – all with open sample decks so you can try before you buy!

    Jane Jackson has been connected with all things spiritual throughout her life and this journey began at the age of 11.

    Her interest in divination and the tarot has been lifelong and things really started moving with the Tarot when she received the Llewellyn deck over eight years ago. It held the heritage and ancestral wisdom and the deep magic of her country of birth England.

    She gives readings and also teaches how to read the cards in a way that brings through the deepest understandings while making it fun, easy and accessible. This work is international, working with both groups and individuals to reconnect with ancient wisdom and ancestral knowledge. She also takes people on past life regressions so they can release the old and bring through gifts for the present.

    Holding sacred circles to drop old patterns that no longer serve, to heal and transform trauma and stagnation. As well as running discussion groups to answer all matters spiritual from unwanted ghosts to the lessons of our karma and beyond.

    Andrea Zonnis is a naturally gifted clairvoyant psychic, singer/songwriter and events planner who calls Victoria, BC home.

    A spiritual awakening in her early 20’s opened her heart and mind to the love of the universe and was the beginning of an amazing journey. She offers sessions using Tarot as a tool to open the energy in Victoria, Western Canada and around the world, having given over 4000 readings so far in her career.

    An avid traveller, Andrea is a cultural seeker of universal truths that unite humanity with a life purpose of spreading love and peace.

    Guest Presenters

    Our team includes the groundwork provided by Ian Byington & the Spirit of Victoria Metaphysical Directory. You’ll see Ian introducing some of the presenters & some of the sessions, as well as providing background tech assistance with our online setup to help make sure everything flows through the four days of the conference.
    The SOV is nearing the completion of its fifth year, providing a steady online presence to help connect practitioners on Vancouver Island with clients & seekers & the people looking for them – it’s fun & easy to use, and includes events & specials & profiles of the practitioners. 
    Check it out at – and drop Ian a note to find out more!

    Scarlet Jaxen is a bold, sensual, intuitive woman, seeing through cages and connecting to the wild women within them. She offers a steady hand for women to pry open the lock and then reminds women how to stretch their limbs and take up all the space they desire! An unconventional educator, an unstoppable leader, and a champion for the Outrageously Feminine. Scarlet is a graduate of Mama Gena’s world renowned School of Womanly Arts in New York City and a graduate of Social Work from the University of Calgary. For over 15 years she has supported women as a counsellor, a facilitator and an educator.