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    Buying A New Deck
    with Teresa Klan

    This is probably the most often asked question that I get.  With so much out there on the market, where do I start?  How do I pick a deck that is right for me?  What do I need to consider when selecting the right deck for me, here and now?  How do I know the deck is right for me?  In this workshop, we will go over those questions, and more. 

    Tarot by Numbers
    with Andrea Zonnis

    There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck.  That’s a lot to remember!  Let’s simplify it!  Learn the energetic meaning of numbers and how they relate to Tarot.  In this participatory workshop we will dive into a quick and easy way system to get off the book and get into the messages of the cards. 

    Pathworking: Qabalistic Tarot Meditations
    with David Zunker

    From the Golden Dawn organization at the turn of the previous century to modern magical practice, Pathworking is a method to directly experience the energies of the Major Arcana of the Tarot through their undeniable links to the Hebrew Tree of Life. In this way we may learn the Tarot directly through personal inner experience. David will take us on a partially guided meditation to experience the Temperance card. We are scheduled to begin at 1:30pm on Saturday Sept. 19th. Please do not be too late. There will be a 15 min. explanation of the process; then, from the beginning of the meditation, the “doors” will be closed to further entry. Participants are encouraged to have the time and space to be undisturbed and to be 100% clear and sober for the meditation.

    Exploring the Major Arcana
    with Cassidy the Cardslinger

    In this session, we will dive into the meanings of the twenty-two Major Arcana Cards of the traditional Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. Within the Major Arcana, you can find all of the “heavy-hitter” and “Hollywood favourite” cards, such as The Tower, The Lovers, Death and The Devil. Learn how to work with these overarching archetypal energies and discover how they can be interpreted in any reading. We will take a look at each card individually and decipher the hidden meanings and messages contained within. This workshop will also explore the duality of the ethereal versus the mundane expression of each card. Join me in this beginner-friendly session as we uncover the wisdom that these twenty-two cards have to offer.

    Pop-Culture Tarot
    with Alison Spokes

    Working with pop-culture in my Tarot practice has helped me gain a more clear understanding of the Tarot meanings and archetypes as well as helped my clients understand their own situations through metaphors and storytelling. The same archetypes that are in Tarot are also found in the books we read and movies we watch every day. In this workshop we will cover how to recognize and identify who those archetypes are in order to make Tarot easier to learn and add greater insight into our readings, particularly when it comes to learning the people of the Tarot (for example, The Magician, The High Priestess and the Tarot courts).

    Welcoming Your New Deck
    with Teresa Klan

    What you purchased can sometimes just be seen as a lot of paper with pretty pictures on it.  And while that may or may not be true, wouldn’t you like to quickly and easily elevate your relationship and readings with your deck?  Like nurturing a friendship – what you give is what you get.  You will learn how and why you approach your cards with respect, honesty, true and open communication, humility, and acceptance.  

    Creating Your Own Tarot Spreads
    with Alison Spokes

    Are you bored of all your old Tarot spreads? Do you find that the spreads you have found in books or online are not giving you the insight you need for your unique situation? Maybe it’s time you created Tarot spreads of your own! Tailoring spreads to unique individuals and situations is a skill that will enhance your abilities as a reader. Not only will custom spreads benefit you by extracting more depth and insight, but they can also help you hone in on your own special niche and style as a reader.

    The Star: Hope, Inspiration & Healing
    with Andrea Zonnis

    Take a moment of tranquility as we bring through white light to cleanse our spirits and our bodies.  This class is for all you Empaths.  Call back your power in an exercise to fill yourself with light and strength.

    Reading Tarot Reversals
    with Alison Spokes

    If you already have a handle on Tarot basics, you are ready for Tarot reversals! It’s a mistake to believe that upside-down cards are inherently bad or will predict only negative outcomes. Interpreting cards that turn up upside-down in a reading is one way to add an extra layer and depth to your readings. Instead of overwhelming yourself by memorizing 78 extra card meanings, this workshop will show you different ways a reversed Tarot card can alter its basic energy for added clarity and insight and still provide a positive message.

    Hidden Ways and High Magic
    with Jane Jackson

    Anna-Marie Ferguson beautifully combines her illustrations with the stories in her Llewellyn Tarot deck.. It is often easier to remember a story with a picture that speaks to us rather than a list of information.   So I hope you will be able to join me, as we explore the high priestess and the transition from maid to mother and crone and the high magic that was understood back in the twelfth century and before. We will also look at The Tower and how it operates as an early warning system or of imminent danger and tells us to take action now.  Then we will compare the art work for the cards and how they show us different life journeys for the personal, the physical and the emotional.

    Tarot and Akashic Records Experiential
    with Teresa Klan

    With a qualified Akashic Record Practitioner you will be guided through an induction experience to open up your own Akashic Records and do your own reading together with your tarot cards.

    A Yes/No Spread & Others
    with David Zunker

    Tarot Card Spreads are described and demonstrated and conducted. We will cover a Yes or No Tarot Spread. a Specific Question Spread, an Outcome for the Day. Participants will be encouraged to practice the spreads.

    A Tarot Reader’s Toolbox
    with Cassidy the Cardslinger

    In this workshop, we will discuss techniques and practical exercises you can use to allow the cards to speak to you more clearly. Discover how understanding card relationships and spread themes can expand the messages and enhance the fine details you receive from your readings. Alongside the exercises, we will discuss how to form a question (and why this is so important), the beauty of specificity, how to read any card in any situation, and how to create and incorporate your own tarot reading “contract” with your deck.  By understanding and utilizing these powerful techniques, you can further unlock and invite your own intuition into your readings and develop a more in-depth relationship with your cards.

    Panel Discussion: The Fool’s Journey
    with Alison Spokes, Teresa Klan and Jane Jackson

    The Major Arcana in Tarot starts and ends with the Fool.  These are themes and archetypes that define our lives.  Hear 3 different versions of Fool’s Journey from 3 of our Tarot Team members.  10 minute maximum per person!  We’ll finish with a group discussion on the way the fool’s journey has impacted your personal journey by sharing a profound moment that changed your life.  Also, time for questions and sharing from the audience.

    Panel Discussion: Court Cards
    with David Zunker, Cassidy the Cardslinger and Andrea Zonnis

    Each panelist will present a 10 minute talk on their own personal take on what the Court Cards represent.  After that you are invited to participate in the Court Card Dating Game!  One facet of Court Cards is that they can represent different traits and characterises of people in our life.  Get ready for some improv!  The participants will draw a Court Card and take on that persona to ask and answer questions of our bachelors and bachelorettes.  Get into how these Court Cards think, feel, act and where their motivation lies.  If you’d like to participate sign up in our Facebook Group! 

    Panel Discussion: The Responsible Reader
    with Cassidy the Cardslinger, Andrea Zonnis and Alison Spokes

    Stepping up a profession reader takes confidence and a big leap of faith.  Join us as we discuss ethics around the big 3 ethic issues in Tarot: Health, Legal & Financial and 3rd Party Readings (reading for someone that isn’t present).  We will also touch on how to deal with haters like sceptics, religious fanatics and highly competitive other professionals.  Let’s talk about how to find your Tarot Tribe and how to deal with conflict as it comes up (as you know it will!).  If there’s time we will talk about Psychic Addicts as well as how to manage group readings or parties and how you knew it was time to go pro.

    Group Reading and Question & Answer Period
    with David Zunker and Teresa Klan

    Bring your questions as members of our Tarot Team will be there to draw cards and give guidance.  We encourage audience members to join in with our professionals to add their intuitive thoughts and feelings to the mix.  Want a reading?  First priority will be given to those that comment their question on the “Group Reading” tab on our facebook group OR you can post your question in the Zoom chat at the event on the day.  The more specific the question you ask the more detailed the answer will be.  Tell us where it hurts!  Let’s dig in.

    Tarot Trade
    moderated by Ian Byington

    Practice your skills!  Meet up with all aspiring readers and practice what you’ve learned at the conference.  All skill levels welcome.  Share your gifts!